How to choose the right logs for your log home

Logs What are my logs going to look like? There are many factors that can change the exterior look of your log home. Weathering, wood preservatives, and what colors stains and sealer you use on the outside of your home. The best type of log in terms of appearance would be up to the homeowner and what they want the finished product to look like. How fast will my logs decay? The rate at which logs decay differs naturally, however any log home builder will recommend treating your logs with some type of wood preservative. We recommend Shell Guard to treat your bare logs and then finish up with a log exterior finish after you are done staining such as the Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra-7. The natural log decay should not affect your decision on what type of logs you choose as long as you treat and seal your log home properly. What if my logs warp? A common factor that may affect a logs stability would be the shrinking and warping due to temperature change and weather. Fortunately for consumers, with todays technology these things can be controlled by those who produce the finished logs. They can use kiln or air drying techniques to ensure minimal wood deformities. How much will the logs for my home cost? The price of different types of wood can vary drastically. The most common type of wood across the country is pine, and that is where you will probably see the cheapest prices. The location of your log home will also factor into the price of your logs. If you are building on the east side of the country such as North and South Carolina, and you want Western Red Cedar for example, they will need to be trucked in from the west coast costing you more money. Here are some different types of logs that are available in different regions across the country.
  • East and Northeastern US - Red Pine, White Pine, Eastern White Cedar
  • Southeastern US - Cypress, Yellow Pine, White Pine
  • Central US - Oak, Walnut, Poplar, White Pine, Yellow Pine, Eastern White Cedar
  • West and Northwestern US - Spruce, Fir, Hemlock, Ponderosa, Lodgepole Pine, Western Red Cedar
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