Types of Log Homes: Which one's right for you?

Time clock   When building a log home, there are a lot of choices to make and details to consider, one of which is deciding what type of log home would suit you the best. In this post, we’ll discuss the qualities of two types of log homes, milled and handcrafted, to help you make your decision. Milled Log Homes
  • Uniform Look If you want a home with a standard look and pre-set design, then a milled log home might be right for you. Milled log homes are produced by machines and come in kits that builders can assemble on site, unlike handcrafted log homes.
  • Variety of Options Milled logs can be made a number of different ways, so there are lots of options to choose from. For example, milled logs can be finished a number of ways to give off a more rustic or a more clean look. Once you choose a kit for your milled log home, though, you’re restricted to the kit’s design and can’t make very many design changes.
  • Staining Issues Sometimes after milled logs are produced, they can form a glaze that prevents the stain from being properly absorbed. You can easily get rid of this glaze with Wood Renew. This is important because if a stain isn’t properly absorbed into a log, it can diminish the exterior look to your log home. Be sure to use quality products like Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra-7 to properly stain and seal your log.
Handcrafted Log Homes
  • Authentic Look If you’re looking for a rustic, authentic-looking log home, then you might want to go the handcrafted route. Builders who create handcrafted log homes use techniques that have been around for centuries to make homes with the traditional log home look and feel. Part of that authentic look includes being able to see the chinking between logs. When building your handcrafted log home, be sure to use Perma-Chink products to seal your logs.
  • Customized Design Because you’re not restricted to a preset design, handcrafted log homes allow their owners to customize their home for their wants and needs. Unlike milled homes, with a handcrafted home, you can add creative touches like decorative archways to make it more visually appealing.
  • Higher Cost Having the ability to customize your log home’s design and build it using traditional methods comes at a higher price. Because handcrafted homes typically require more labor and materials, they are more expensive to build than milled log homes.
Overall, neither type is better than the other. What it all comes down to is your personal preference and what you want your log home to look like in the end. Give us a call today to discuss products that would be ideal for the particular type of log home you are looking to build.