Yearly log home maintenance and inspections

Yearly log home inspection is an important part of owning a log home. Proper Log homeinspection and subsequent maintenance will ensure that your home will last for years to come. You can help prevent major repair issues by catching them early . Here are a few things you should make sure that you do at least once a year.

• Log Inspection Having the logs in your home checked for damage, decay, rot, pest, etc, is a great way to catch any potential problems early. It is fairly easy to learn the signs to look for, however, you can also hire in a professional log home builder or restoration company to check them for you. • Log Home Washing Usually something that gets neglected by the average log home owner, log home washing is one of the beneficial maintenance routines for your home. Keeping your home free from pollen, mold, mildew, and dirt from accumulating. This will ensure the integrity of your logs will be maintained and help avoid rotting and decay. • Pest Removal Insect infestation and other animals getting into your home can ruin the logs in your home and cause major problems down the road. This is something to always keep an eye out for throughout the year so you can catch it as soon as possible. To ensure you pest problem is properly and completely taken care of if you have one, we recommend hiring an extermination service to help. • Log Home Staining and Sealing Ensure that your log home looks great, stays sealed, and stays protected by re-staining and re-sealing. Once you sand, stain, and seal your log home you should not have to apply a maintenance coat for 4 - 5 years, give or take depending on the climate you live in. We recommend using Perma-Chink’s Lifeline Ultra-7 or Ultra-2 to stain your log home and Lifeline Advance to clear coat and maintain it. These products will give your home the most protection possible. Be sure to take a look at our Log Home Inspection Checklist to make sure you don't miss a thing! For information on other products that will help keep your log home looking good and functioning properly, give Timeless Wood Care Products and call today and talk to one of our log home specialists. (800) 564-2987.