Grip strip backer rod

Grip-Strip Backer Rod is Timeless Wood Care Products’ own custom designed backer rod manufactured specifically to accommodate the void between logs on a log home. It’s unique trapezoid design provides a firm surface for chinking during log home restorationcrop24117f8869f2a1764d41bcf2f101e640 and construction, and compresses to provide an excellent fit to the logs. Grip-Strip is manufactured here at the Timeless Wood Care facility and is available in a variety of width and lengths to accommodate a variety of different size logs. Grip-Strip Backer Rod is specifically designed with its use for log homes in mind, however, our proprietary also works great in other construction uses around log homes as well as traditional homes. Grip-Strip Backer Rod works great with:
  • Installing new windows and doors Grip-Strip will fit nicely between your new windows or door and the frames around them, It will also provide a firm surface to apply caulking to help keep your home sealed tightly.
  • Re-assembly of 19th century square log structures Grip-Strip is available in widths up to 12”, and can be custom cut to compensate for the irregularities often found in older log structures.
  • Assembling modular homes When assembling a modular home there are many gaps that will be present when the different sections are put together. Putting Grip-Strip in between the sections and using that as a surface to apply caulking and seal up your home.
  • Use with concrete After pouring concrete there can be gaps along your home or other structures near where the concrete is poured. The space left may be large and to properly seal in with caulk, Grip-Strip would fit perfectly between the two surfaces.
To find out more about our Grip-Strip Backer Rod and what sizes are available visit our Backer Rod page or call (800) 564-2987.