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Over 2 decades of service

Timeless Wood Care has over twenty years of experience in virtually all aspects of the log home construction business, and we learned over the years that certain products simply worked better than others, and certain ways of building log homes worked better than others. The key is in the proper care of the wood, because the better the integrity of the wood, the stronger the home. In pursuit of furthering the exposure of the merits of log home construction, Timeless Wood Care was created. We not only have assembled a catalog of those products that have proven time and again to be of a higher quality, and by bulk purchasing, we are able to maintain an extremely low price structure to help make these products more affordable to our customers. In a similar fashion, we have developed a learning center that is free to our customers that serves as a repository of our experience in log home construction. Helpful articles, tips and tricks to perform specific tasks, FAQ's and much, much more. We have even created a Directory of Builders who have a reputation for quality and integrity.

We appreciate your interest in the world of log home construction, and if we can assist you in any way with your project, we welcome your call at 800-564-2987.

Our Passion

Our family has been in the log home supply business for over 20 years. Our passion is delighting our customers with top quality products, exceptional customer service, and great prices.

Located in Norton Shores, MI, Timeless Wood Care Products has been serving log home enthusests since 1991. More importantly, we know what it takes to keep your home in tip-top condition. At, we offer a wide selection of quality log home products and accessories that stand the test of time. Our products are both durable and easy to use.

Our central location allows us to ship to most of U.S. destinations in 2-4 days. We want you to be thrilled with your purchases from, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See our shipping and returns information for details.

At Timeless Wood Care, it is important to us that you see that we aren't just some nameless, faceless business conglomerate, but an actual team that cares about your project, your results, your home. We've put together a little virtual tour where you can see our facility and warehouse, just click on the arrows to move from one area to the next. We've also created a short video where you get to see the Timeless Wood Care team hard at work helping our customers. We discuss certain aspects of our customer care process, from shipping to product selection, testing and evaluation.

Timeless Wood Care is committed to providing you with the finest log home products, which happen to be made right here in America. We are also dedicated to providing the finest customer service not only in the log home industry, but anywhere. It's an old-fashioned position, but one we feel extremely comfortable with. If we can assist you with any log home-related question, from materials to building techniques, simply call us today at our toll-free number, 800-564-2987.