Why Log Homes are environmentally friendly

Southland In the past few years, protecting the environment by “going green” has become an important issue in society. With so many people educating themselves about how to protect the environment, it’s surprising that a lot of people still don’t know how environmentally friendly log homes are. In this post, we’ll give you four reasons log homes are actually safe for the environment. Less is wasted during the process When building a log home, it’s easier for builders to find a use for all parts of the log. Scraps and leftover pieces can be made into smaller household items like furniture or fences, while bark and sawdust can be used for gardening or farming. For craftier homeowners, smaller pieces can easily be used for DIY projects. For examples of DIY projects, check out our Pinterest. Log homes use fewer materials than traditional homes Unlike traditional homes that have multiple components, such as drywall and insulation, log homes have one source for building material: logs. Logs provide structural support, insulation, and visual interest, making traditional home materials like paint and siding completely unnecessary. Log homes are made of more recyclable materials Since logs are a natural, renewable resource, they can easily be recycled. So, if you have materials left over that you don’t feel like turning into a DIY project, you can recycle them instead of throwing them away like you would with a traditional home. Log homes are more energy efficient than traditional homes When it comes to heating and cooling, log homes are much more energy efficient than traditional homes because logs naturally insulate themselves. So, in summer the walls of a log home absorb less heat, keeping the home cool, while in the winter they absorb more heat and hold it in the logs to slowly dispense warm air over time. While log homes are already fairly eco-friendly, Timeless Wood Care carries products to help your log home or building project be extra green.To learn about the environmentally friendly products we carry, give us a call today (800) 564-2987.