Use our guides to improve and protect your wood home

Nothing says coziness like a wood home. To enjoy a wood home for a long time, it's good to know how and why to care for it. The How-To Guides found here will do that, and the reader will find information specifically intended to educate about all aspects of log homes. How-To topics include: design strategies, basic maintenance, safe surroundings, water protection, controlling fungi, combating weather damage, insects and other pests, preservation and cleaning, finishing and sealing, troubleshooting, roof systems and interior work. Topics like design strategies and safe surroundings contain information intended to encourage the reader to make good decisions when planning the building of their log home. The right choices in the beginning can save headaches later. For instance, log home owners are encouraged to build far away from areas with lots of pests or wildfire risks. Moisture control is a concern with log homes, and the guide on controlling fungus explains how to avoid and deal with this area of concern. The guide on preservation and cleaning walks the reader through the variety of factors that will determine their best course of action in protecting the house long-term. Many of the topics explain settling of the house and how to watch for issues regarding this process - a process that is inherent to log homes. The guide explains problems to look out for, and how to treat them. Reading and following the suggestions contained in these guides will enable the reader to get the most satisfaction out of their log home, for years to come.