What is Lifeline Ultra-7?

The most durable exterior stain that Perma-Chink Systems has ever developed, Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra-7 has emerged, unsurpassed as THE premier long-lasting finish. This one coat, transparent wood finish was developed to make your life easier. Rigid testing using multiple sources of exposure in the harshest of weather conditions (think frigid to sweltering,) across the country proved the superiority of Lifeline Ultra-7, even exceeding tester expectations. Lifeline Ultra-7, with its state-of-the-art resin is unsurpassed when it comes to adhesion to wood. This resin creates a flexible and tough seal without bubbles, gaps or holes forming as in the lower quality finishes. It’s water-resistant but similar to Gore-Tex®, allows for trapped moisture to evaporate from your logs. This superior finish will continue to resist damage from UV rays, color fading and loss of adhesion. Maximize the performance of your Lifeline exterior wood finish with Lifeline Advance Clear top Coat, and you’ll save big on maintenance time and expense http://www.timelesswoodcare.com/Perma-Chink-Lifeline-Ultra-7_c_31.html