Tips on Designing Your Next Log Home

If you've decided you want to build a log home, congratulations! Whether it's a summer cabin on the lake or a year-round residence in the mountains, you can't go wrong with a log home. They're well insulated, sturdy, and there's no beating the classic look of a traditional log home. Once you've decided it's time to build though, you'll want to start designing. Since that can be an overwhelming process when you first start, we thought we'd give you a few tips to get started designing your log home:


It's exciting to consider building a new home. Give yourself plenty of time to be excited, and use that positive energy to do some research. Websites like Pinterest and Houzz offer tons of inspiration for designing your log home. Are their certain kitchen styles you like, or maybe you prefer a lighter wood over a darker option. Do you like a full wood interior, or do you like to add some different materials in as well? Plenty of research will give you answers to those questions, and the more you look, the clearer the picture of your new log home design will be.

Tour Homes

While you're researching, take some time to tour other homes nearby. You might not be able to find a ton of log homes, but tour other style homes too, since it will help you clarify in your mind what you do, and don't want. If there are homes in particular that you like, make sure to save the contact information of the builder, in case they might be a good fit for your new log home. In addition, pay special attention to small details, like the hardware on cabinets and storage solutions. Those are key details you'll definitely want to consider!

Decide on a Budget

Once you've toured a few homes, and done some research online, you'll have a pretty good idea of what you need to spend for that log home design you're looking for. Set a budget you're comfortable with now, so you can stick to it throughout the building process. The sooner you set a budget, the easier it'll be to make choices later on, because you'll know exactly how much you have to spend.


Now that you have a budget set and a design in mind, it'll be much easier to look at lots. With a design plan, you'll know about how much space you need, and with your budget set, you'll know how much you can spend. While you're looking at lots, be sure to consider the land features that are important to you — do you want a stream or lake nearby, or do you like to look out at a vista? Make sure you think about location as well: commute time and distance to local school districts are considerations you won't want to forget!

Choose Your Logs

One of the biggest choices when it comes to designing a log home is what logs you're going to use. There are a ton of choices out there— check out our Guide to Log Styles for in-depth information on the most popular options. Whether you want milled or handcrafted, the choice you make will have the biggest impact on the final design of your home.

Get in Touch With a Builder

Finally, once you've done the research, decided on a plan and style of wood you like, and found a lot that's right for you, it's time to build your log home! Whether you plan on building yourself or hiring a contractor, it's a good idea to at least talk to a builder to get some advice on the stability of your design plan. For a small fee, they can tell you if you're missing anything, or if there's some aspect of your home that won't get you a permit. Even if you don't decide to build with them, a little advice never hurt, especially if it helps speed up your building process. In the end, designing your log home comes down to giving yourself enough time to make the choices that best suit you. Don't rush into building or designing your log home, but consider each detail carefully. Though it might take you a little bit longer, in the end you're guaranteed to end up with the log home you've always dreamed of! Finished designing your home, and ready to build? Get your materials from Timeless Wood Care Products! We're a trusted, family-owned business that's been in the area for years. Know that when you buy a product from Timeless, you're getting only the highest quality materials. Give us a call at 800-564-2987, or check out our log home supplies online today!