Should I build my own log home?

Log home Building your own log home displays pride and self-confidence. Imagine the emotion of finishing a project that you have worked so deliberately on for days, weeks or even months. You receive a feeling of satisfaction after accomplishing a task by yourself because you solely created it. Now imagine building your own log home or cabin to live in. Every day you are surrounded by your very own masterpiece. Customization Not only do you receive feelings of satisfaction but you are able to choose your own layout of your log home. You are able to customize all aspects of your home. You are in control, you choose, not much is more exciting than that! Though we do understand that DIY projects are not for everyone based on time, price or skill. Building your own log home can lead to multiple positive outcomes but there is often a checklist running through your mind before you plan to tackle a project this big to make sure you have the means to complete it. Aspects to consider before building your own log home:
  • Get quotes- Shop around, find quotes and plans from contractors in your area. Check out how much they are charging for labor. Is it worth contracting it out based on the time you would save?
  • Material Prices- Find prices of the materials that you will need. Keep in mind contractors can usually get materials for a cheaper price.
  • Skills- Consider your skills you have and how much extra assistance you would need.
  • Time- How long will it take for the project? Are you able to set aside time to tackle it, or is it going to take you years to finish and will the project get delayed?
  • Financially- How much money you are able to save by doing it yourself, what is your budget?
Whether you build a log home yourself or you contract it out, Timeless Wood Care Products has all of the log home products you need to create and maintain the perfect log home, give us a call at 231-798-8580.