Relationship between Location and Log Home Design

Log home chairs If the design of your log home is very important to you, you probably have thought about its location and the environment around it a lot. You might even be inspired by the things around your home and want to draw those elements into the look and design of your log home. The statement that your home makes can be bold or subtle, but the statement that it makes will vary depending on what your home looks like and where it is placed. There is a very strong relationship between location and design. Some of our favorite designs are the ones that look like they were just naturally made in the environment. There is a very graceful aspect to a home that looks like it was forged by nature. At Timeless Wood Care we carry a variety of colors in all of our products that will help give your log home the look you want. For example, Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra 7 comes in seven different colors to help you match the look of your log home to its surroundings. If this is the look you are going for then try incorporating elements from around where you’re building your home into the design. Using the same type of trees for the building materials or using stones from the area to add detail into the architecture of your log home is a great way to achieve this. This isn’t to say that the designs that don’t blend into their surroundings can’t be great. Creating contrast between where your home is located and your home is a great way to highlight its features. Using modern design flair is a good way to do this. High ceilings and big windows will definitely give your log home a look and feel of being more modern. The design of your home is and should be completely up to you. Whether you want it to reflect its surrounds or just reflect your personality is something that you should decide. If you would like more advice about products that will help enhance the design of your log home, talk to our experts at Timeless Wood Care by calling 231-798-8580.