July is National Log Cabin Month - Celebrate in Style!

log-home-month In 2012, the House of Representatives formally recognized the log cabin industry. This means a lot of things, like the acknowledgement of the beauty of log homes, but it also means that we get to celebrate with our own month honoring log cabins! Today’s log homes are a far reach from the original one-room cabins that were so long ago. Log homes today don’t reflect the hardships of the frontier, but rather, showcase beautiful architecture and boast energy efficiency. Log homes are for someone who desires natural beauty and comfort, someone who is passionate about reflecting and honoring the beauty of nature. Log homes take time and care to maintain, but log home owners take pride in their homes. Taking care of your home is one of the most important and necessary things that you need to do, and log cabins and log homes are no different. For all of your maintenance needs, Timeless is here for you to help with anything you may need. In the meantime, here are some things to remember about the maintenance of your log cabin!
  1. Extend the life of your log home stain and sealant by washing your home. Washing removes any surface contaminants that will wear the finish. It also helps you locate any areas of failed caulking or chinking and helps you get an overall idea of the condition of your stain in case you need a maintenance coat.
  2. Watch out for tree branches! Branches can act as a bridge to your log home for insects. Trimming branches so they are at least three to five feet away from your home is the best way to make sure your home will stay insect free.
  3. Smart shrubbery. Like branches, keep shrubs around 3-5 feet away from your home. This will allow air to circulate around your home to help dry the logs after it rains or snows.
  4. Keep a “log” of your log home! When doing maintenance, make sure to write down dates and work done, as well as any products used. Doing so will help you streamline the maintenance process and guide you when buying products in the future.
Call Timeless today to get the supplies you need to keep your log home looking good for July! Timeless is your go-to place for all professional grade log home supplies that you’ll need. We have a wealth of experience that will only benefit you when celebrating National Log Cabin Month!