Why your next home should be a log home

4210171396_fa08462e88_nLog homes have come a long way in the past forty years. The seasonal use of a fifteen hundred square foot cabin has become permanent residency in a twenty four hundred square foot luxury home. Oh, you can still build a small log cabin if that fits the needs of your family, but eighty five per cent of log structures built now are primary residences. As the millions of baby boomers leave the work force and settle in to enjoy a much needed rest, they are looking for a quiet, restful home that won't decrease in value through the years. More and more, they are finding that log homes are the answer. It's not unusual for log homes to appraise for fifty dollars more per square foot than quality conventional homes. They increase in value rather than as time goes on. Being built with solid, natural wood that absorbs sound means that they are quieter than you'd expect from a regular house. Natural wood also collects warmth and radiates it which prevents cold walls. When a new home is being constructed, so many factors come into play that can slow the process and in some cases halt it altogether for what seems like forever. When using precut, pre-drilled logs and the right crew, a log home can be framed in about two weeks. Conventional construction is more involved which opens the door to more complications. Maintenance is a breeze with log homes. You can visually inspect everything easily, so mold, mildew or insect infestation can't be taking hold in some hidden spot. Painting is obviously not necessary, leaving more time for leisure activities.