Keeping Log Homes Beautiful Year after Year

Whether building a log cabin or buying one prebuilt there is an important thing all log cabin owners must consider and that is treating the exterior. There are several reasons why treating exterior logs is so important. Over time weather, sun rays, decay, fungi, and bugs can create havoc on exterior log finishes. The log home owner must consider several weapons to use to preserve the natural beauty of their homes exterior finish. Generally logs are treated with either a pre-mixed solution, or a concentrated solution. Either form of treatment works well when applied according to directions. Products such as the Shell Guard Concentrate, and the Shell Guard Ready To Use formula are popular for their effectiveness. Another great exterior log treatment is Armor Guard. Each of these products contain a special formula that enables them to protect the log home from insect infestations and fungi. They also protect against decay as well, making them perfect for the log home owners maintenance plan. These protective formulas contain DOT (disodium octaborate tetrahydrate) which has been proven to be the best method used for preventing insect infestations. This chemical is a derivative of Boron salts. Using formulas that contain the proper mixture of DOT prevents destructive insects from destroying wood. DOT works by disrupting the digestive system of these insects by eliminating the bacteria that enables them to digest cellulose fibers. Since wood is a product high in cellulose it is important to maintain a high level of Boron within the exterior surfaces of log homes. Wood loving insects such as termites, carpenter ants and wood boring beetles can quickly destroy wood that is not treated. Keeping a log home free from annoying wood destroying insects will not only lengthen the lifespan of the home but keep it beautiful as well. Using Shell Guard products or Armor Guard will keep the levels of Boron high enough to prevent future infestations. It is wise to keep in mind that after the initial treatment insects can still be present for a few months. This is normal as it takes time for these formulas to seep in and work against the insects. At the first signs of insects it is crucial to treat the tunneled area immediately with Shell Guard and seal the holes with caulk. Sealing the entry points of insects helps to eradicate them faster. Though many of the products used for insect prevention and preservation of log homes is as simple as painting them on the surface, many homeowners choose to hire a professional pest control technician. However, a great number of homeowners find the ease of treating the problem with Shell Guard or Armor Guard products to be easy and choose to treat the problem without help.