Your Design Style - Quiz

beautiful log home with pool gorgeous log dining table stunning kitchen in a log home We all know log homes are the ultimate all-American housing choice. But within those log walls, virtually anything goes. Take the style quiz to help you determine where your decorating sense lies. And just because you brave the frosty winters of Minnesota, don't think you can't add some cowboy cool to you abode. America, after all, is a melting pot, and your home can be too.

1. When you think "chandelier", you imagine: a. A craftsman-inspired stained-glass masterpiece. b. An elegant mother-of-pearl affair. c. One word: Antlers. d. A rustic, be-twigged lantern. e. A rugged, wrought-iron light fixture.

2. If you were to buy a car to go along with your new home, it would be a: a. Wood-sided station wagon -- a classic that's big enough for your skis. b. Vintage VW bug convertible, perfect for weekends at the beach. c. Chevy pick-up to haul around your fishing gear. d. Cadillac Escalade, both stylish and functional on steep inclines. e. Well-worn Jeep whose open sides provide much-needed circulation. 3. Your favorite color scheme to decorate with is: a. Earthy tones of brown and yellow. b. Peachy pinks and seafoam green. c. Classic shades of maroon and navy. d. Punchy greens and reds. e. Coppers and terra cotta orange. 4. When you think about your idea of the perfect day, it would include a: a. Day on the slopes and an evening spent cozied up in front of the fireplace. b. Ferry ride, followed by a stroll and picnic on the beach. c. Pre-dawn fishing trip, an afternoon hike, and a moonlit boat ride. d. Morning mountain hike, followed by an afternoon of antiquing. e. Long horse ride, coupled with a dip in the pool. 5. If you could buy only one new decorative accent for your new log home, it would be: a. A custom iron fireplace screen to complement your over- sized hearth. b. A "shabby chic" wicker rocker painted pale blue for the porch. c. A personalized chainsaw-carved bear boasting a welcome sign. d. An adorable set of birch-bark frames to immortalize your loved ones. e. An Aztec-inspired horse blanket to use as a throw for the sofa. 6. One of your favorite songs to listen to is: a. "Rocky Mountain High", by John Denver. b. "Surfin' USA", by the Beach Boys. c. "Fred Bear", by Ted Nugent. d. "Mountain Music", by Alabama. e. "Should've Been a Cowboy", by Toby Keith. 7. You already know exactly what you're going to put over the mantel in your new log home. It's: a. An oversized, retro ski poster you picked up at a flea market. b. A Monet-like seascape of the Atlantic at sunrise. c. The 10-point buck you bagged last season. d. A custom painting of your lake and mountain views from your back deck. e. A bright and jaunty Kokopelli tapestry. 8. Your favorite vacations spot is: a. Breckenridge, Colorado. b. Hilton Head, South Carolina. c. The North Woods of Wisconsin. d. Saranac Lake, New York. e. The Grand Canyon. 9. If you had to pick an inspiration for your decorating style, it would be: a. Your Arts-and-Crafts style entryway sconce. b. A hammock. All you need is a place to put it. c. Your first big catch, a mounted rainbow trout. d. The garage-sale mirror on which you hand-glued a twig border. e. A flowering cactus plant you keep on your kitchen windowsill. 10. Your favorite movie? It's definitely: a. "Ski Patrol", Best comedy on the slopes. b. "Beaches", Still great, though there's never a beach in sight. c. "Open Season", You took the grand kids to it. d. "Lake Placid", Who doesn't love a good horror flick? e. "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." Clint Eastwood is the ultimate cowboy. Scoring: If you scored mostly A's, your decorating style is "Rocky Mountain Rustic". This style is all about the great lodges of the West. Think over sized logs, native-stone pillars, timber railings and huge hearths. Deep, yet warm colors, like maroon and gold, compliment this style. If you scored mostly B's, your decorating style is "Carolina Coastal". You love the carefree vibe of beach cottages. To get a house to match, think about choosing light-colored logs to go along with your pastel palette. You can also stain your wood with white or gray-based colors to get that beachy feel. Try to keep a smaller floor plan to maintain that cottage coziness. If you scored mostly C's, your decorating style is, "North Woods Way". You view your home as an extension of yourself, and you're all about wildlife. Anything goes (at least logs-wise) with this style. But whatever you hunt, fish or simply savor the great outdoors, you'll want to incorporate rugged furnishings that will complement your wilderness collection. If you scored mostly D's, your decorating style is, "Adirondack Ambition". Whether or not you've spent time in the Adirondacks, you have twigs on the brain. Comfy and quirky decor fits in well with this elegant style. Reminiscent of Swiss ski chalets, use hints of red, green and white in your home. If you scored mostly E's, your decorating style is, "Southwest Spirit". The independent feeling of the desert is your style inspiration. Incorporate eaves and overhangs into your home to protect your logs from the sun. Include bright colors, like oranges and turquoise, to punch things up. Also think about using clay, stone, wrought iron, even straw and grass, in your home.