1. To manage water runoff, make sure the grading around your foundation slopes away from the home – usually a minimum of 6 inches in the first 6 feet away from the foundation. 2. Even if your builder sloped the soil during construction, this grading can settle and become flat or even slope toward your home. Don’t use topsoil to increase the slope of the grade, which will only act as a sponge. Use rock or gravel instead, which will shed water. 3. If you have installed a sump pump, check it regularly to make sure it will cycle on automatically when needed. 4. Keep gutters and downspouts clear, since debris can cause gutters to overflow. Make sure your downspouts or splash blocks divert rainwater at least 6 to 9 feet away from the home. 5. Ensure sprinkler heads haven’t been redirected since last summer. They shouldn’t spray your log walls or foundation. 6. Monitor basement windows and window wells. Either one of these, if improperly maintained, can collect and direct water into your basement. 7. Install a French drain to keep water hazards away from your home. These flexible pipes – set into trenches filled with gravel – draw moisture from the surrounding soil and channel it away. 8. Make sure your home is insured against water damage and remember to specify replacement value of all materials and possessions. This content was provided by Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.