Maintaining Wood Shingles and Shakes

Wood roof shingles and shakes have long been touted as a classic style for many homes. They’re well known for their energy efficiency, resistance to storms, durability, and of course their natural beauty. Offered in a variety of colors and styles, many people, and especially log home owners, love their wood shingle or shake roof, but it’s good to know that these types of roofs do take a little bit more work. Like any other part of a log home, wood shingles and shakes are a great, long-lasting roofing option, but they need a bit of care to ensure they last a lifetime. If you're looking for tips to maintain your log home's wood shingles or shakes, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your roof looks beautiful and keeps your home safe for years to come.   Take care of debris - Wood shingles and shakes can be susceptible to rot and mold, if not properly maintained. While most wood roofs are coated to protect them from the elements, it’s important to regularly rid your roof of any debris, like fallen twigs, branches and leaves, to prevent possible mold and rot. Like most homes, we always advise that you trim any overhanging branches, to avoid any additional debris falling onto your roof. Clear ice and snow off shingles - Wood roofing is a great option for any home, but to keep yours around for the longest amount of time possible, make sure you regularly clear off any snow or ice. These can both have destructive effects on a wood roof, especially if ice dams begin to form. Keep areas behind shingles properly insulated - Just as it’s important to keep the outside of your roof safe, you have to maintain the inside of your wood roof as well. Make sure you have proper insulation behind your roof, and that you’re keeping it ventilated and dry, especially in the winter months. This will help protect your roof from ice dams and mold. Wash the wood shingles or shakes every 1 or 2 years - Since wood roofs can be a little bit finicky, it’s a good idea to wash your roof every one to two years. It’s not recommended that you use a power washer, but there are plenty of wood and log wash treatments you can use to safely wash your wooden roof. Check out our website for products you can trust. Remove moldy or rotten shingles  - If you see any moldy or rotten shingles, it’s important that you get them removed as soon as possible. Mold and rot can both spread quickly, so the sooner you get bad shingles out, the safer your roof will be, and the more money you’ll save on repairs. We hope these tips help you keep your wood roof shingles and shakes looking as good as new! If you need any wood-safe wash or additional supplies to fix your roof up, don't forget to check out the wood care products offered here at Timeless Wood Care. And if you have any questions about how to care for your wooden shingles or shakes, don't hesitate to give us a call at 800-564-2987.