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Log Home Products

  • Tips For Cold Weather Application of Lifeline Finishes

    Lifeline Exterior Finishes

    Recommended Range

    All Lifeline stains 40° F – 90° F

    Lifeline Advance 40° F – 90° F

    Log End Seal 40° F – 90° F (not stated on label)

         Lifeline Advanced, Lifeline Exterior, Lifeline Ultra 7 & Lifeline Ultra 2 can still be applied in colder weather to the bare minimum of at least 35 degrees, any colder then that is not recommended. When referring to the temperature we are referring to the surface temperature of the logs not the air. If the logs are not frozen and completely dry and 35 degrees or higher, the finish can be applied with no worry of curing incorrectly. The down side to applying a coat of finish is the drying time is extended significantly in cold weather. To apply the first coal of finish and to properly allow complete drying time could take days longer then applied at recommended temperature. If the 2nd coat is applied to soon it can cause the film to ball up while back brushing.

    Most important tip for cold weather is never apply stain while the logs are frozen, the finish will most likely not adhere to the wood.  When temperatures drop below freezing after stain has been applied, the freezing conditions shouldn’t affect its look, purpose, or quality.  During warmer weather if the conditions are to hot the worry is that the fist coat of stain will dry to quickly and not allow for back brushing.

    When applying Lifeline advanced gloss or satin, the cold temperatures impose the risk of blushing because of the length of time it takes to properly cure. Blushing is were the top coat instead of being a very clear glossy or satin finish will look cloudy or hazy over the stain and could possibly take months to clear up but will eventually clear up.

    Log end seal is the most sensitive to cold weather conditions. Log end seal requires complete dryness to properly cure, cold weather prolongs drying time and makes it susceptible to contact with moisture. If moisture is present during the curing of log end seal it will most likely cause blushing and take months of warm dry weather for it to completely clear up and go clear as intended.

    Examples of blushing in figures above and below

  • Grip strip backer rod

    Grip-Strip Backer Rod is Timeless Wood Care Products’ own custom designed backer rod manufactured specifically to accommodate the void between logs on a log home. It’s unique trapezoid design provides a firm surface for chinking during log home restorationcrop24117f8869f2a1764d41bcf2f101e640 and construction, and compresses to provide an excellent fit to the logs. Grip-Strip is manufactured here at the Timeless Wood Care facility and is available in a variety of width and lengths to accommodate a variety of different size logs.

    Grip-Strip Backer Rod is specifically designed with its use for log homes in mind, however, our proprietary also works great in other construction uses around log homes as well as traditional homes.

    Grip-Strip Backer Rod works great with:

    • Installing new windows and doors Grip-Strip will fit nicely between your new windows or door and the frames around them, It will also provide a firm surface to apply caulking to help keep your home sealed tightly.
    • Re-assembly of 19th century square log structures Grip-Strip is available in widths up to 12”, and can be custom cut to compensate for the irregularities often found in older log structures.
    • Assembling modular homes When assembling a modular home there are many gaps that will be present when the different sections are put together. Putting Grip-Strip in between the sections and using that as a surface to apply caulking and seal up your home.
    • Use with concrete After pouring concrete there can be gaps along your home or other structures near where the concrete is poured. The space left may be large and to properly seal in with caulk, Grip-Strip would fit perfectly between the two surfaces.

    To find out more about our Grip-Strip Backer Rod and what sizes are available visit our Backer Rod page or call (800) 564-2987.

  • What is Lifeline Ultra-7?

    The most durable exterior stain that Perma-Chink Systems has ever developed, Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra-7 has emerged, unsurpassed as THE premier long-lasting finish. This one coat, transparent wood finish was developed to make your life easier. Rigid testing using multiple sources of exposure in the harshest of weather conditions (think frigid to sweltering,) across the country proved the superiority of Lifeline Ultra-7, even exceeding tester expectations. Lifeline Ultra-7, with its state-of-the-art resin is unsurpassed when it comes to adhesion to wood. This resin creates a flexible and tough seal without bubbles, gaps or holes forming as in the lower quality finishes.

    It’s water-resistant but similar to Gore-Tex®, allows for trapped moisture to evaporate from your logs. This superior finish will continue to resist damage from UV rays, color fading and loss of adhesion. Maximize the performance of your Lifeline exterior wood finish with Lifeline Advance Clear top Coat, and you’ll save big on maintenance time and expense


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