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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Lifeline Interior Finishes

    As most log homeowners know, log homes need a little extra TLC when it comes to finishes. Since wood is porous, it requires specially formulated finish that will cover and adhere to the material completely. What is good, however, is once you get your interior finishes up on the walls, there's very little maintenance to do after. Log homes are generally a low-maintenance style home, and after you've finished your interior finishes, there's little you'll have to worry about in the future. Most importantly, so long as you apply your interior finishes properly, you'll have beautiful interior wood walls to look at for years to come. They'll be easy to clean, low maintenance, and require little to no touch-ups in the future.

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  • Tips for Keeping Your Log Home Comfortable This Winter

    There's nothing cozier than a roaring fire in a toasty log home during the winter months. As many log home owners can attest, log homes do an amazing job of retaining heat on those snowy days. If you're looking for ways to make sure your log home stays warm and comfortable this winter, we've got a few tips for you:

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