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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • The Rising Popularity of Log Homes

    Log cabins have always stood as a symbol of rugged American individualism, but have faded in and out of vogue as the years passed. It looks like that trend trend is now here to stay. More and more people are realizing the benefits of living in a log home, and the Wall Street Journal says log homes are becoming a sort of status symbol in the US and abroad. With a better economy and lower interest rates, people now have the ability to create their own dream home. Many are tired of living in cookie-cutter subdivisions, and instead are choosing to create the type of home they genuinely want, the log cabin.

    Another major reason for a rising popularity in log homes is that many of them have luxuries that a normal homes does not. Most are equipped with fireplaces, hardwood floors, wooden cabinetry, and are more structurally sound than a typical home. Since most of these homes are built completely from wood, they’re stronger than drywall, and technology has come far enough along that the normal seasonal problems that used to occur with log cabins, rotting, shrinking, expanding etc., are no longer real factors. In addition, the Log Homes Council says that wood insulates six times better than brick, making a log home a big advantage towards that heating and cooling bill.

    Log homes are gathering repute as far as Hollywood. HGTV and National Geographic both have shows that focus specifically on the creation of log homes. These shows prove the widely touted advantage of building your own log home: complete customization. HGTV’s Timber Kings are log home builders in British Columbia who create some of the most impressive and sought-after log homes in the world. The pictures from their Loveland project showcase this.

    Loveland-2_940x640 woodkitchen

    National Geographic’s “Building Wild” is another television show that creates specialty log cabins for clients. The show stars two men, Paulie and Tuffy, who update, design, and build cabins, treehouses, and other sorts of wooden dwellings. If you have a log home, or are thinking about building a log cabin, this is the show for you. Paulie and Tuffy create some incredible structures, designed to fit the lifestyles of their clients. A breathtaking example is this creatively designed cabin that sits directly over a waterfall.

    Log Home over a waterfall floating log home
  • Health Benefits of living in a Log Home


    Log homes are awesome and have many perks for those who live in them. Other than being beautiful, log homes actually have positive health benefits for those who live in them! What can a log home do for you? Here are a few of the cool “side effects” of living in a log home:

    Better indoor air quality: solid wood walls bind and release moisture naturally, which maintains the moisture levels in the home at a level that improves the air quality inside the home. This is great for people with allergies or asthma, because this means that they will experience fewer symptoms when in a log home.

    Psychological benefits: Wood is an aesthetically pleasing and calming material when used in a home. According to research, this means that it has a pretty positive psychological effect on those who live in wood homes. You will see more natural wood being used in the construction of day care centers and children’s hospitals, because wood is seen as a great material for kids, giving them the best possible growth environment. Full control: With a log home, you have more temperature and humidity control, since the wood that your home is made of is completely solid. This helps regulate air quality, leading to better overall indoor air quality and purity as stated above.

    There are many great benefits to building a log home, but you can’t do it alone! If you have a log home already, call us for any maintenance questions! If you’re interested in building a log home or want to know about more benefits of having a log home, feel free to give our log home experts a call at (800) 564-2987!

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