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Timeless Wood Care

  • Easy Renovations to Improve Your Log Home's Value

    Whether you're fixing up to sell now, or you're just preparing for the future, log home renovations can be extremely rewarding. You'd be surprised at how a few, relatively small fixes can boost your log home's value, especially these days when more and more people are seeing the benefit and character of a log home.


    If you're looking for a few simple log home renovations to boost your log home's value, you've come to the right place. Here are five renovations that won't take too much work, and can seriously improve the amount your home is worth.

    #1 New Windows and Doors

    Installing new, energy efficient windows and doors can mean value in two ways. 1) You'll save money on those energy bills, because they retain the heat or air conditioning you use to keep your home comfortable. 2) They'll boost your home's value. New windows and doors look good, and they perform well, which are both major selling points. Even if you're not selling — these are log home renovations that will improve your log home's overall worth.

    #2 Energy Efficient Appliances

    In the same vein, energy-efficient appliances can help improve your log home's value when you're renovating. New home buyers love to see new appliances, and they're also great for you while you're still living in your log home. Again, energy efficient appliances will save you money on those energy bills, because they take less electricity to run, and they'll look really good on a realtor's sell sheet as well.

    #3 Reapply Log Cabin Stain

    Looking for some extra curb appeal? A fresh coat of paint or stain can go a long way, and it won't cost you more than a few cans of stain and a weekend. Beyond the fresh color on your home, a quality log stain can help protect your house from the elements. It seals in the wood, repelling water and any other elements, ensuring your log home remains beautiful and safe for years to come. That adds a lot in value, and in peace of mind.

    #4 Hardwood Floors

    If there's one surefire way to make sure your log home's value goes up, install hardwood floors. Sure, it might not be the easiest renovation on this list, but compared to a full kitchen overhaul or a master bedroom re-do, it's still a pretty small renovation. When people think of log homes, they think of hardwood just about everywhere, which means they're willing to pay for it. The added bonus is in the longevity of hardwood floors. They can last for decades, and they look beautiful. A key selling point that's functional, and that boosts your log home's value.

    #5 Give the Kitchen a Touchup

    If a kitchen renovation isn't in the budget, consider a touchup. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference a few small changes can make. Painting your cabinets, changing out your countertops for quartz or marble, and even just changing the hardware on your cabinetry can give you a new look, and a higher value. The kitchen is the best room in your log home to renovate for a high return on your investment, and even a small change can make a big difference.


    If you're looking to renovate your log home to improve it's value, whether for your own benefit or to sell later down the road Timeless has all the materials you need! We've got construction tools, maintenance products, stain and sealant. Give us a call at 800-564-2987, stop in, or check out our website!

  • Maintaining Wood Shingles and Shakes

    Wood roof shingles and shakes have long been touted as a classic style for many homes. They’re well known for their energy efficiency, resistance to storms, durability, and of course their natural beauty. Offered in a variety of colors and styles, many people, and especially log home owners, love their wood shingle or shake roof, but it’s good to know that these types of roofs do take a little bit more work.

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  • Avoiding Exterior Wall Blushing On a Log Home with Lifeline Advance TopCoat

    Spring and fall are often when many log home owners seal and refinish their exterior walls. It's one of those chores that tends to get wrapped up in either spring cleaning, or prepping your log home for the upcoming harsh winter season. If you refinish your log home's exterior walls every few years — good for you. You're helping to extend the life, quality, and exterior beauty of your log home, and you'll have fewer problems with your home in the future. But, if you usually apply a top coat, and you've noticed it turning an odd shade of white from time to time, here's what you need to know.

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  • Tips on Designing Your Next Log Home

    If you've decided you want to build a log home, congratulations! Whether it's a summer cabin on the lake or a year-round residence in the mountains, you can't go wrong with a log home. They're well insulated, sturdy, and there's no beating the classic look of a traditional log home. Once you've decided it's time to build though, you'll want to start designing. Since that can be an overwhelming process when you first start, we thought we'd give you a few tips to get started designing your log home:

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  • 5 things you didn't know about log homes

    In the US, log homes are fairly common. In most regions of the country, forests are plentiful, offering up an ideal renewable resource for building, and many Americans just love the rustic, natural feel a log home can provide. Log homes have a long history and while they're definitely a favorite homestyle today, there's a lot you might not know about them. Whether you have a log home, or you just really like them, you'll love these 5 awesome facts you may not have known about America's favorite home!

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  • Log Home Building 101: Guide to Log Home Styles

    When you're first building a log home, it can be tough to choose what type of log home style you're going to build. Besides the fact that there are multiple types of wood to consider, you also need to think about the style of home you like the most, and there are quite a few of those. Since some of the log home building terms might be new and unfamiliar, we've created this guide to explain some of the most popular home styles, from the profile of each log to the corner style used to join each wall of the home together. If you're still deciding what your log home will look like, follow this guide for everything you need to know about log home styles:

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  • Repairing Damaged Logs On Your Log Home

    Wood decay is a phenomenon that isn't totally uncommon with log homes. If you're a long-time log home owner, you probably already have a yearly ritual of checking your home for soft spots and treating them so they don't spread. If you haven't been in a log home for long, know that it's a good idea to check for log rot about once a year. We have plenty of resources for treating small spots of log rot, as they can pose a problem if left untreated.

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  • What are log home kits, and are they the right choice?

    When researching your dream log home, it's important to know the pros and cons. Log cabin kits come with everything to build a watertight log home, but do know that you're going to get what you pay for. It's important to make sure you know what's included in your kit.

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  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Lifeline Interior Finishes

    As most log homeowners know, log homes need a little extra TLC when it comes to finishes. Since wood is porous, it requires specially formulated finish that will cover and adhere to the material completely. What is good, however, is once you get your interior finishes up on the walls, there's very little maintenance to do after. Log homes are generally a low-maintenance style home, and after you've finished your interior finishes, there's little you'll have to worry about in the future. Most importantly, so long as you apply your interior finishes properly, you'll have beautiful interior wood walls to look at for years to come. They'll be easy to clean, low maintenance, and require little to no touch-ups in the future.

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  • Tips for Keeping Your Log Home Comfortable This Winter

    There's nothing cozier than a roaring fire in a toasty log home during the winter months. As many log home owners can attest, log homes do an amazing job of retaining heat on those snowy days. If you're looking for ways to make sure your log home stays warm and comfortable this winter, we've got a few tips for you:

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